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Dear All,
It is an honour and privilege to serve this wonderful institute as a Director-In-Charge, a position I have embraced with much passion and delight since April 2016.

As our Quality Policy indicates, we are committed to our students to impart comprehensive inputs for the optimum overall development of children with special needs that are based on research and best practices in the field of special education. It is this commitment reflected throughout the organization that drives all our endeavors even when we navigate through difficult and challenging times.

As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. In the past year – the 25th year of CSE’s dedicated service, the center has undergone several transformations in order to meet the current and future requirements of our children with special needs and to provide an environment that is best suited for their holistic development.

We have implemented and are in the process of effecting new out-of-the-box therapeutic strategies. We have had a major physical renovation and modernisation of our premises and facilities. We have also adopted latest technologies such as this website, web portal and digital newsletters, to name a few. These transformations have not only made us more efficient and effective but have also brightened the smiles of our children as well.

Our facility, its operations and management has been accredited by ISO, marking our shift from people-oriented operations to a process-oriented one. In a fitting tribute to the completion of 25 glorious years of CSE, we received the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certificate in November, 2016 during our Silver Jubilee Concert.

The long-term vision of CSE is to “to successfully integrate differently abled children into the community through an integrated and holistic approach.” Towards this vision of inclusion, CSE is playing an increasingly greater role within the Indian Schools consortium in Oman. In April 2017, we organised an Inclusion Seminar, giving a platform to all stakeholders for reflecting on and discussing Inclusive education from diverse perspectives.

Our initiative is to integrate students and to give them opportunities for overall physical development through right guidance and remedial measures. We believe that all children including those with special needs can benefit from the exercise, energy release and pure enjoyment of playing sports. To encourage the participation of all children with Special Needs, we are planning to organise “Special Sports” in November, 2017.

We are also happy to announce the opening of a unit in August, 2017 dedicated for children with Learning Disability.

Our CSE Newsletter is another way to stay connected with us. Do share your views and your experience to make the newsletters an enriching learning experience for all. There is much more to be done. Together, let us spread awareness on Special Educational Needs (SEN), on CSE and the need for inclusion. Let us seamlessly integrate SEN children into our communities.

With much love,
Baby Sam Samuel

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