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I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of being closely associated with CSE and its activities for around 23 years.  Each of my various roles in CSE has been a truly enriching experience in interacting with various stakeholders.   In my current role as Convener, I am fortunate to have an additional platform to continue this association. 


CSE has undergone a huge transformation over this period with better facilities and more staff catering to increased number of students with diverse needs.

The inspired and dedicated team of special educators, therapists, administrative staff and helpers are the backbone of CSE. The dedicated members of CSE Management Committee set the direction, and provide valuable guidance and support.

These web pages attempts to provide a glimpse of this wonderful institution and what it offers, but the aim always is to do more.

"Behind every young child who believes in himself / herself is a Parent who believed First."

We at CSE have always aspired to work closely with parents towards a win-win relationship for the benefit of CSE children. On the one hand, we try and provide all support to the parents through various initiatives, and on the other we draw on their support in achieving our goals for the care of children. 

For everyone, including the Parents, socializing is very important.  It can change the whole personality of an individual. It builds confidence to deal with challenges, and lays a solid foundation for a strong support group. I have had very close association with mothers, and have seen many mothers grow in confidence in tackling issues by socializing. While loneliness will affect the mood of the whole family, socializing will immensely improve the family life. 

CSE provides different formal and informal platforms to foster this healthy relationship.

For instance, events such as Mothers Day are celebrated with great enthusiasm with mothers displaying their talents in singing, dancing, fashion show and other programs.

Many mothers have formed a group for learning dance under a trained instructor, and have now become impressive performers. This can be extended to other fields like Yoga, Art, Cooking etc and such areas of useful interest can be very many. Arrangements have been made with Indian Social Club for providing the space, and we are ever thankful to them for being a solid pillar of support to CSE. 

Parent counseling  is another major focus area.  From time to time, we invite experts to conduct workshops and address parents on relevant subjects. These have been received very well. In addition, our trained counsellors spend time individually with parents.

Parents Open Forum provides an opportunity to jointly address concerns and requirements of children for the betterment of CSE. 

We would like to keep up this engagement with parents and work with the motto "Together, We Can".

The new academic year 2018-19 started after the summer break with a BANG. 

All enthusiastic staff  and students got back fully energised, and the instant bonding was clearly visible. The bright faces and cheerful expressions conveyed even more than spoken words and physical actions !!

It was wonderful to see the CSE Family together 100% charged and raring to go. 

Our best wishes to ALL for keeping up the high spirits and tempo!!

                                                                            With Warmest Regards,

                                                                            Vishala Lakshminarayan

                                                                            Convener-SMC Member





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